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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The tribal art of Bastar

Bastar is a tribal district where about 70% of the total population are tribals and which constitutes 26.76% of the total tribal population of Chhattisgarh state . Each tribal group has their own culture and each of them are following their own traditional living ways. These tribal groups are having different spoken languages and they differ from each other in their costume, eating habits, customs, art,living ways etc. Some of the tribals are still living in interior forests and they do not like to come to the outer world and mingle with the modern civilisation and are unaware of what is happening in the world.

The Main tribal groups that are seen in Bastar distict are:- Gonds, Abhuj Maria, BisonHorn Maria, Muria, Halbaa, Bhatra, Dhurvaa etc.

The tribal society of Bastar is famous for their excellency in making exotic hadicrafts with a variety of designs and shapes. These handicrafts include wood-carvings, bell-metal items, terracota items,bamboo items etc. Bastar , being a district full of forest, containing finest quality of teak and other types of woods from which very attractive wooden- carving crafts and various types of furniture are being made by the skilled and experienced hands of the tribals.Many such items are today made and kept for sale in shops at Jagdalpur which attracts locals as well as tourists.

Wood Crafts
This is one of the most famous ,beautiful and unique art of wooden carving of Bastar tribals. These wooden crafts are made out of the finest teak wood and white wood.These wooden crafts includes models , Idols , wall panels , furniture items etc. Among the furniture items Deewan( Cot with box) is very famous and attractive since it involves the art of carving with different pictures of Bastar culture and other designs of interest.These handicrafts are generally exported to different places of the country , and it has demand even from foreign countries also.

The tribals of Bastar are excellent in making handi crafts of Terracota items which is made of the finest bed clay of river Indravati.This terrakota items includes elephents,tigers, deer, horses, table lamps etc. These handicrafts are of different sizes .

Bamboo Crafts
Bastar triblas specilizes in Bamboo Crafts which includes the products like wall hangings, table lamps, table mats etc.

Bell Metals
The Bastar tribals are famous in making bell metal arts which are crafted by hand through the vanishing vax technique.These handicrafts include items like elephent, deer, horses etc of different sizes

Cotton Fabrics
Cotton Fabrics are one of the famous and attractive handicrafts made by the tribals of Bastar. These are made of Kosa thread which is made from a kind of worm found in the forest, handwoven and handprinted by tribes who trace their lineage to the 14 th centuary weaver-saint-poet Kabir. The handprinting is generally done with the natural vegetable dye extracted from aal, found in the forest of Bastar. These fabrics includes cotton saris, well-known as Bastar Kosa Sadi, dress materials and drapes.

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